A diversidade que se aceita – que se tenta aceitar – é do externo. É do visível. Ainda. Que grupos, minorias, ganhem força, é algo só a celebrar. Abrem as portas para que, num momento a se esperar, se admitam as singularidades a constituir cada conjunto. Para que a unicidade de cada mente a vagar por aí seja o que se respeita.

Haverá esse dia em que trabalhadores, além de

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Esperanças e Ansiedades Coletivas

Em sua mais recente coluna, o sempre inspirador Contardo Calligaris relata sua tristeza despertada pela prisão de Lula. Tristeza essa decorrente do fim de uma esperança. Do “fracasso do Brasil, fracasso nosso, de todos e para todos”.

O colunista escreve: “Havia no ar uma enorme esperança, de um país menos desigual, mais digno, onde todos viveríamos melhor”.

Sofreríamos de alguma forma de ansiedade coletiva, duma desconfiança generalizada, que nos impede

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Gender Studies and Economic Development: United by Fear?

For a long time I’ve considered the fear of the uncertain as a barrier to economic development. For it leads to excessive regulation, which hampers the much-needed flexibility in such an unpredictable world we live in. And it seems that gender studies cause similar fear, as suggested by an interview Judith Butler gave in 2015, which I came across when trying to understand the polemics around her recent visit …

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Free voters and free markets: where does Brazil stand in this debate?

So far, it has been very hard to find a political regime that works, on practical grounds, better than democracy. Even a libertarian alternative, with anarcho-capitalistic traits, which we at Bluming Thoughts are fond of, at a point needs to be based on the “one person, one vote” principle to some extent. This kind of approach would leave people free to participate or not in a certain political jurisdiction, or …

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Hello, hello, how low?

In spite of the deteriorating fiscal situation, interest rates in Brazil continue to go down. Is the impending “consumption based recovery” set to change it?

Warnings on the poor quality of the Brazilian fiscal adjustment never stop coming. Reforms are losing momentum; fiscal targets that once seemed pessimistic become unrealistic (and need to be lowered). In the foreseeable future, there will be no primary surpluses (the most likely scenario is …

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The Sound of Silence

There’s a contradiction in Brazil that has long intrigued us at Bluming Thoughts: on the one hand the discredit of politics, or at least of politicians – understandably so – but on the other, a permanent wish for the government to be the solution for all the problems, especially through increased regulation or subsidies. At the same time that Brazilians are eager to become entrepreneurs, there is some sort of …

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The Brazilian crisis in 500 words

Economics deals with the exchange of workers’ outputs. The better the coordination between these interactions, the more they will occur, which can be considered a measure of prosperity. Coordination may be voluntary, having as its compass prices that are freely, granularly and diffusively set by each and every agent involved in the process. Or else, coordination may be coercive, when a chosen group, normally known as government, imposes the conditions …

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